Welcome to Berrymay!

Berrymay is not real but it is a basement in the Chernoff's house.

In this website you'll learn all you can about Berrymay. (It was based on the Andy Griffith show. In that show there was a town called Mayberry.) In this website, you will see four different things from our town (basement). First, you'll read what Lorelei Chernoff has typed as essays. Next, you will learn about our laws. Then, you will see the newspaper we wrote. Finally, you will see our videos that we made.

Eric Chernoff is the mayor and county clerk. Lorelei Chernoff is the sheriff and judge. Daisy Chernoff is the biggest criminal (and a dog). Polly Chernoff is a regular citizen (she is also a dog). Melanie Chernoff is the governor. We have criminal records of: Evelyn, Melanie, Hattie, Polly, Lorelei, Eric, Janelle, and Daisy.

Here are how many times each person has been guilty of a crime: Daisy has committed on twenty-four crimes. Janelle committed just one crime. Eric has done six crimes. Lorelei has seven crimes on her record. Polly has been convicted seven times. Hattie and Evelyn and Melanie each have one crime on their record.


Eric Chernoff
Mayor, IT Manager, Court Clerk, Sanitation Dept

Lorelei Chernoff
Sheriff, Justice of the Peace, Newspaper Editor, Postmaster, Bank Manager, Creative Director, Lego Master